Monday, February 4, 2013



After careful review and consideration, I hereby announce that the overall winner of the national annual Super Bowl commercial competition (in my home) is the Dodge Ram commercial.

The commercial's award-winning features include:

1. The moving short essay, "So God Made a Farmer," written by the late American journalistic hero, Paul Harvey.

2. The use of Paul Harvey's own recorded reading of his essay, with his unmistakably resonate and commanding voice.

3.The powerfully beautiful images, whose color, composition and emotional impact were enough to effectively seize viewers' attention with still photography (albeit, digitally enhanced), and this in an age where computer animation can make us believe that a man with elephant legs is walking down a crowded sidewalk.

4. Perhaps most significantly, in one of the most American of shared experiences, the commercial evokes the American spirit of independence, self-reliance and the ethic of hard work, with it's earned reward of self-satisfaction for a job well done.

5. Moreover, for all those who feel far outside farming culture (which is most of America), the ad warmly (and ingeniously) welcomes everyone into the spirit of that culture with the closing statement, "to the farmer in all of us," giving viewers the sense that they can legitimately taste that hardscrabble, rural American culture for the small fee of 30 - $40,000.

Congratulations, Chrysler Corporation! And with a growing national anti-religious sentiment, Chrysler also deserves praise for not being afraid to acknowledge the deep religious values of American culture.

And I'm pleased that NPR and many others agree with my humble opinion.

Oh – and the Oreo commercial came in as a close second for its humor, which was based upon its library setting. If something involves either books or cheesecake, I'm in!

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