Monday, January 28, 2013


Meet Jeremiah McCloud.

Jeremiah was not supposed to be born. Four years ago his mother (over four months pregnant) walked into an abortion clinic in Michigan and left believing she was no longer carrying a child. One month later she discovered she would soon have a baby boy. The broken down clinic and it's doctor have apparently been under investigation for quite some time for multiple issues. The clinic is now closed.

July 17, 2009, Jeremiah was born. His mother says, "I look at my child. I love my child," she said. "He's a baby that I wasn't really expecting to have, but I love my baby."

Read more about Jeremiah's story HERE.

Meet Gianna Jessen.

When she was twelve years old her parents explained to her why she suffered from cerebral palsy and why she was adopted. Gianna's teenage biological mother had her baby girl aborted by saline injection when she was over seven months pregnant (April 6, 1977), but Gianna survived and the doctor who was attempting to end the infant's life ended up signing the baby's birth certificate. Over the years, this young woman had become a strong pro-life voice, and quite an athlete. She has also forgiven her birth mother.

"It's more comfortable for people to think of abortion as a political decision, or a right," Miss Jensen says. "Gently I put the question, if abortion is about women's rights, then where were mine?"

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Meet Josiah Presley.

At two months pregnant, a young woman in South Korea went to have her baby aborted. "As it turned out," Josiah said, "the abortion had failed." In other words, he was still alive. After being carried to term, Josiah was adopted by a family in the US. He is now a teenager who loves life, and speaks up for life. He says there is no reason to worry as to whether a child will be adopted. "Trust me," he says, "they will be adopted. My adopted family has twelve children, ten of which were adopted."

Read Josiah's story in his own words HERE.

Did you know that there are politicians who have voted AGAINST protecting those babies who were BORN ALIVE during abortion?

Listen to these 911 conversations regarding an abortion gone bad (as if there is a "good" abortion). Something has gone terribly wrong, and notice how evasive and secretive the employees are regarding the issues as they speak to the 911 operator. Note that they request "no sirens or lights" when the ambulance arrives. Note the suppressed surprise of the 911 operator as she learns that the ambulance is sent to assist someone at a "health clinic" who at that very moment is already being "treated" by a doctor.

It seems we hear of more and more horror stories of babies born alive and tossed out as trash merely because they were unwanted (read about baby Shanice HERE) . Technology has advanced to the point that "viable" and "unviable" births are no longer clearly distinguished. These are human babies. Not blobs of flesh.

There are countless websites for expectant parents, showing them what their infants look like in the womb at every stage. They know when their babies develop toes, eyes, ears and fingernails. They know when their baby's heart is beating. They know when their tiny infant is bouncing about within his or her mother for the sheer joy of living. The time is long past that people can claim ignorance.

These are babies.