Thursday, January 17, 2013


This week National Public Radio is highlighting the stories of atheists in their week-long series, "Losing My Religion." This is the kind of thing I expect from NPR. While the series itself doesn't bother me (I enjoy listening to anyone talking seriously about issues of faith), what I find puzzling is that they would consider the idea of losing one's faith to be worthy of a week-long series. Today's installment was interesting, focusing on an "interfaith" couple. She is a Christian oncology nurse (as is my wife), coming from a long line of pastors, and he is an atheist who occasionally goes to church with her. It is an interesting story and respectfully done. You can read/listen to it HERE, and there are links to the other stories in the series.

But what I find interesting is the idea of NPR ever doing such a story on people who were atheists coming to faith. This would never happen. (NPR - please prove me wrong.) There are many such stories out there. Below you will find a review of a book I just became aware of, written by a homicide detective who was a vocal religious skeptic:

Cold-Case Christianity: A Detective Investigates the Jesus Story | Overflow

J. Warner Wallace "is a cold-case homicide detective who dedicated much of his career to solving homicides that had been left unsolved many years.... Wallace was at one time an atheist who had been challenged with the claims of the gospels. As he began to read the Bible and consider its claims, he realized that Christianity was much like the cases he solved as a detective. He saw that there was evidence and there were eyewitnesses and records that could be weighed and considered. He used the skills and disciplines he had learned as a detective and brought them to bear on the Bible and on the Christian faith. He came to see that the case for Christianity was as strong as any case he would bring before a judge."

You can read more about Mr. Wallace, his spiritual journey and his message on his two websites: HERE and HERE.

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