Monday, December 17, 2012


A friend of mine on facebook desperately pleaded with me for an answer regarding the tragic horror of Sandy Hook Elementary. I know this was not what he was looking for, but here is my response:

Wish I could [give you an answer], George. One thing I know, there is no easy answer. Where evil is concerned, you can fill a small library (no exaggeration) with books on the big "why" questions. The book of Job in the Bible addresses that very issue, and was written perhaps 3000 years ago. There are answers, but no answer makes us feel better after such tragedy, and no good answer can ever be shrunk down to a size that would fit this space. It's like a kid asking you "What's the universe made of?" Easy to ask, but I challenge anyone to do justice to the question without writing a 500 page book (or more).... I do know this -- so many of the tragedies today can't be pinned on God. Guns, bombs, planes, skyscrapers, cars, nuclear plants, meth labs, off-shore oil drilling (or on shore) -- none of those were God's ideas. The world as he created it didn't contain any of that. That doesn't begin to answer the question, but for nearly all the garbage that happens in this world -- we are our own worst enemies.

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